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LibNcFTP is an application programming interface that provides File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client services to your UNIX applications. Linking the library with your programs give you the capability to copy files to and from remote hosts using a time-tested protocol supported by almost every system connected to a TCP/IP network. Even better, you can do all of this without any user interaction!

The current version of LibNcFTP is: 3.2.6 (November 27, 2016).

Table of Contents

  • Licensing
  • Free Evaluation
  • Where to download a copy of LibNcFTP
  • Online Documentation for LibNcFTP
  • Online Documentation for SocketIO (libsio) library
  • Change Log
  • Support
  • Licensing

    The LibNcFTP library is not free software. The source-code licensing fee is US$499.00. Please review the License Agreement before downloading or licensing LibNcFTP.

    Licensing entitles you to compile your programs and link with the compiled library code. You may distribute your compiled programs (with LibNcFTP linked with it) as you normally would; there are no royalty charges for distributing programs compiled with LibNcFTP. Please note that the source-code license does not allow you to re-distribute the LibNcFTP source code with your product.

    When you're ready to license the library, proceed to the ordering instructions.

    Free Evaluation

    You are welcome to download a fully-functional version of the library, and evaluate it free for 30 days. You can then browse the online documentation, play with the sample programs, and build applications with it. After that period you are obligated to pay for the software or cease using and distributing applications built with the library. (The archive contains the full licensing agreement; read that for details.)


    Registered users are entitled to unlimited free support by e-mail and free upgrades. For more information, send us e-mail.

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